About Digital Hot Sauce

About Digital Hot Sauce

Why Digital Hot Sauce Exists

Whether you’re a digital marketing whiz or you don’t know your SEO from your CTR, you just want to see a return on  your investment.

We know, because we’ve been there.

We were running a couple of start-ups, and we couldn’t find a single marketer who cared about our growth. We ate through our marketing budget and had nothing to show for it.

effective for everyone.

To make marketing more effective for everyone.

Partnership Approach

We're genuine. People trust and like us. And we always follow through and do what we say we're going to.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We work hard and smart every day. We find a way with innovation and creativity.

Commitment to Deliver Value

We’re committed to getting it right. We’re not afraid to admit when we’re wrong

  • Meaningful Work

    We focus on work that engages the head and the heart

  • Mastery

    We’re good at what we do, and we never stop learning and improving.

  • Mutual Care

    We care about one another and the world around us.

  • Margin

    We embrace efficiency and profitability to support a lifestyle of rest, work, and celebration.

  • Memories & Adventure

    We have fun!


We’re genuinely nice people.

  • Kyle Harms


  • Shreya Shah

    Creative Marketing Strategist

  • Reuben Zuidhof

    Co-Founder / CFO

  • Hayley Betteridge

    Head of Operations

  • Scot Sustad

    Co-Founder & Strategist

  • Janice Chow

    Director of Client Services

  • Sarah Williams

    General Accountant

  • Robin Eldred

    Senior Paid Media Specialist

  • Breanna Laing

    Senior Paid Media Specialist

  • Mitchell Iameo

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Joshua McFaul

    Website Developer