How Amazon Reviews can Increase Your Conversion Rate

How Amazon Reviews can Increase Your Conversion Rate

I was working on a landing page and some ad copy for one of our clients and wanted to share a little bit about how we do this and give you an insight into one of the processes we use for writing Google ad copy, as well as building landing page copy. This was a solution that I learned at the Unbounce CTA conference from Joanna Weibe. The process that we’re looking at today uses Amazon product reviews to build landing pages and ad copy using the copywriting framework of problem, agitation and solution.


Asking the right Questions

In the example I’m using today, I’m trying to understand how our product, or in this case, our service solves the problem that our potential customers might be having. To do that, I need to ask a few questions:

  • What is the problem our customers are having?
  • Who is our ideal customer?
  • What is the product or service that we’re selling?

In this case, one of our clients, Umbrella Property Services, the target customer is problem-aware homeowners who are looking for gutter cleaning services.

Amazon Customer Review Mining

What I like to do is hop on to Amazon and look for a product related to our service. In this case, I’ve found a product that people can buy online called the Gutter Master Telescopic Water Fed Pole. Sounds exciting, and is closely related to the service we provide. Using this product, I’m trying to identify, through the product reviews, why people are buying this (what problem this solved for them). Typically, I like looking at four-star reviews. This is where you can find some gold.

Identified Problem: Customers Want to Avoid Ladders

We can see several people who are saying “I’m not crazy about getting up on a 20-foot ladder.” This is an example of a review that I’m going to drop into our copywriting spreadsheet. In this case, we have an individual openly stating the problem they have with gutter cleaning themselves. This is something that we can solve when you hire our team of gutter cleaning experts.

Other Issues: Product Quality is Cheap


I’m also seeing reviews that are saying that this product is made poorly (cheap materials). It might do the trick for small jobs but doesn’t look like this will solve the long-term issue. This might be further agitating (the 2nd part of our copywriting framework) where we’d say things like “have you tried using ineffective DIY hacks or purchased cheap products on Amazon that don’t work?”

The biggest problem we’re identifying here is that people don’t want to climb ladders. We’re also getting some insights that a good target demographic for us to explore further might be those homeowners who are a bit older.

Action: How to Apply our Findings

I can now take this messaging back to our landing page and we can be thinking about our landing page headline. Something like “Leave the dangerous ladder climbing to the Gutter Cleaning Professionals” could be a headline we want to test out on our landing page.

We can also think about how we use this in our ad copy on Google Ads. If someone is searching for “Gutter Cleaning Services” they’re likely already aware of the problem they have and so by saying something like “Don’t DIY your Gutter Cleaning”. There are endless options and we can pull so much of the content we need for landing pages and ad copy directly from what our prospective customers are saying on Amazon.

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