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A little spice makes all the difference.


Everipe is a New York-based e-commerce start- up. Their online store sells freeze-dried superfood smoothies that are easy to make, competitively priced, and delicious in taste.

Everipe Smoothies Case Study

Everipe needed to...

Increase Transactions & Revenue

After several previous starts and stops in digital marketing, Everipe came to Digital Hot Sauce for help with product trials and to further refine their messaging.

So we...

Digital Hot Sauce created a full-funnel marketing strategy. We drove qualified traffic through paid and organic* channels, made sure their website clearly communicated what makes their product so special, and enabled interactive features to compel people to make a purchase.

Organic essentially means no paid ads.

Here's what happened:

Not only did we help validate Everipe’s product and messaging, but also their rapid success attracted interest from multiple distribution and shopping channels, including Walmart.


year-over-year increase in organic traffic to site


year-over-year increase in new users from organic


year-over-year increase in subscription orders
No, that’s not a typo.


year-over-year increase in all orders


ReadyMode is an all-in-one CRM and VOIP platform, fully browser-based with no downloads required. Their software is easy to learn and user-friendly.


ReadyMode needed to...

Build Traffic
& Increase leads

ReadyMode was navigating a crowded market with no digital marketing strategy. Given their deep-pocket competitors, ReadyMode needed to spend their marketing dollars efficiently.

So we...

ReadyMode's competitors were shrewd. Not only were they running ads for their own brands, but they were also running ads specifically designed to draw customers away from ReadyMode.

Here's what happened:

In addition to Google Ads, we’ve tested display advertising, Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and programmatic ads.


year-over-year increase in leads from Google Ads (Yes, two thousand.)


increase in overall leads


cost per lead through paid search ads


increase in website traffic

Birch Tree Care

Birch Tree Care is a commercial and residential tree trimming, removal, and service company in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. 


Birch Tree Care needed to...

Rank higher on Google

The main challenges for Birch Tree Care were clear: attract new customers to their website, capture leads effectively, and close leads as quickly as possible to secure long-term repeat customers.

So we...

Our comprehensive strategy included:

Here's what happened:

Birch Tree Care now has a steady flow of leads, with customers experiencing a five-week booking window.


year-over-year increase in leads


year-over-year increase in website traffic


ROI for PPC campaigns


year-over-year increase in organic traffic to sit


keywords with first-page rankings on Google

Children of Hope

Children of Hope is a Christian orphanage in Kenya. With two homes in Kitalale and Kikuyu, this nonprofit organization raises children with education, nutrition, and growth.


children of hope needed to...

Grow Their Donor Base

Children of Hope came to Digital Hot Sauce for help to improve their communications and, eventually, donations.

So we...

Digital Hot Sauce developed a well-rounded organic* marketing strategy to acquire donors, encourage donor retention, and develop Children of Hope’s online presence through web content, blogging, email, and social media.

*Organic essentially means no paid ads.

Here's what happened:

By providing insightful content and driving organic traffic, we’ve helped Children of Hope increase reach and donations.


year-over-year increase in users to the site, with a 57% increase in organic users


year-over-year growth in mailing list subscribers


year-over-year increase in donations to the general fund


Received twice their 2020 Giving Tuesday donation goal

10 Thousand Windows

10ThousandWindows’ mission is to restore the lives of survivors of trafficking.


10ThousandWindows needed to...

Grow Their Donor Base

Like many organizations, 10ThousandWindows had a rough 2020. They were looking to grow their Giving Tuesday and End of Year donations to help finish the year strong.

So we...

Digital Hot Sauce developed paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to drive brand awareness. We also set up remarketing* campaigns and email marketing to help nurture leads to become new donors.

*Remarketing means serving ads specifically to people who’ve already visited a website.

Here's what happened:

“Hands down, 2020 was our best Giving Tuesday. Ever.”


raised from 46 one-time donors


new donors


year-over-year donation increase compared to 2019 Giving Tuesday