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Don't let technical issues stop you from achieving the search engine success your business deserves. Our effective technical SEO services will ensure Google can access and understand your website, improve organic traffic and boost conversions. By investing in our services now you’ll be able to achieve maximum visibility on search engines.

A comprehensive technical SEO audit is a must if you want to maximize your organic search engine visibility and rankings. It helps ensure that your website is optimized and your content is being displayed correctly in search engine results. Technical SEO audits should be an ongoing process, as changes to search engine algorithms occur frequently and can drastically affect your website’s rankings. Regular audits will help keep your website up-to-date and ensure that you stay ahead of any potential changes in the search engine landscape.

Search engines are an incredibly useful tool for finding information online. By leveraging their three primary components – crawling, indexing, and ranking – they are able to provide users with the most relevant content. However, if your website is not optimized for search engines, then you may be missing out on valuable opportunities for traffic and visibility. With technical SEO services, we can help ensure that your website is properly crawled and indexed so it will appear in the right searches and rank higher in search engine results. By increasing your visibility with technical SEO, you can gain more traffic and customers.

Put your website on the fast track to success with Digital Hot Sauce. Our technical SEO experts have a wealth of expertise that can help you optimize what’s already there and add more pages designed for improved search engine visibility. Get ready to boost traffic levels - we've got this!

Our Technical SEO Services

Want to know how we can help? Our SEO specialists are dedicated to investing in an effective technical SEO strategy and ensuring your website is crawled and indexed without any problems.

At Digital Hot Sauce, we provide a variety of technical SEO services. Here’s what you’ll get:

Crawling and Indexing Audit

Search engine crawlers should access all of your website’s important pages without any trouble. Crawling and indexing optimizations help speed up the discovery of your content and make sure your pages are indexed to show up in the search results pages. At Digital Hot Sauce, we will do a detailed audit of your website’s crawling and indexing, and provide you with a strategy that will allow users and search engines to effectively crawl your website.

Javascript SEO

JavaScript SEO is a part of technical SEO that involves making it easy for search engines to crawl and index the JavaScript programming language. At Digital Hot Sauce, we will make sure your website's JavaScript is SEO-friendly, and can be crawled, indexed, and processed by Google.

Page Speed Audit

Page and website speed are not only important for providing a good user experience, but are also factored into search engine algorithms for ranking purposes. Speed issues vary significantly from website to website, CMS type, image sizes, and third-party scripts. This is where we can help. Leave it up to our experienced SEO specialists to carry out an in-depth analysis of your page speed and identify ways in which you can improve your site speed so that users don’t exit your page before loading. This will not only drop your bounce rate but will also increase organic traffic and leads to your website. Additionally, we also look at your website’s core web vitals to make sure site performance is optimal.

Structured Data Optimization Service

Structured data helps search engines understand the contents of your website and allows it to show up appropriately on the search results page. Structuring data is not an easy task and requires expertise to execute correctly, especially on a larger website. That’s where we come in. At Digital Hot Sauce, our SEO specialists love what they do, and have spent years doing it for businesses like yours. Leave it up to us to make sure your structured data is optimized. We’ll dive into auditing your schema markup and find ways to improve your schema to garner the best results. We will manually code different schemas for all your website pages to help Google bots understand your content better and improve the click-through-rate and ranking of your website content.

Sitemap Optimization Service

Website sitemaps are very important because they simplify information for search engines. Users prefer to navigate a website by starting on the homepage and then moving to other sub-pages. Having an effective sitemap installed on your website’s homepage allows users to find the information they’re looking for by navigating through listed URLs and clicking on the right one. Search engines crawl URLs the same way - they start from the homepage and proceed to other pages. When new links are added to your sitemap, it is crucial that the sitemap page is strategically placed for easy access by the users. At Digital Hot Sauce, we will optimize your existing sitemap and help you create new sitemaps for your website.

Mobile SEO Services

In a world full of people who are constantly on their phones, it is important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Google has started to look at the mobile version of websites ever since its mobile-first indexing update. This is why you need to make sure your business website is optimized correctly for mobile device users.

Our mobile SEO services are focused on increasing a mobile user’s experience and making sure there aren't any technical obstacles hindering search engines from crawling and indexing your mobile site.

Log File Analysis

Log file analysis allows us to monitor how your website is accessed by users and search engine crawlers. Let us help you identify any potential issues with your server setup or the accessibility of your pages to users and other crawlers with our technical SEO services.

SEO Website Migration

Website migration is a highly complex and delicate process that requires planning ahead of time. We will help you develop a robust migration plan to avoid losing valuable traffic. Our technical SEO website migration services include benchmarking analytics performance, mapping old URLs to the website’s new domain, removing any duplicate content, managing 404-page errors, and analyzing traffic and rankings.

International SEO Service

Maintaining multiple language versions of a website can be very challenging and prone to issues. This is why our international SEO services help streamline the process. We make sure search engines show the appropriate language versions of your website to users in different countries, and that each user finds exactly what they’re looking for. This not only improves user experience, but also increases the chances of the user coming back to your website or taking part in transactions. We can tailor your SEO efforts in a scalable and cost-effective way to reach and grow your desired foreign target market. Our hreflang implementation will help optimize your multilingual and/or multiregional website.

If you’d like to know more about our technical SEO services, reach out to us and our CEO will get in touch with you directly.

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Why choose Digital Hot Sauce for your Technical SEO Service

Regardless of what CMS platform you use, technical SEO services are vital to your online success. Leverage our technical SEO expertise to your advantage and achieve profitable long-term growth.

With Digital Hot Sauce, you’ll have

Dedicated Project Manager and Strategist

Our Project Managers and Strategists connect directly with you in all communications. They will be in charge of making sure you’re kept up to date, and will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Transparency and Honesty

Our goal is to make marketing more effective for everyone. We want you to be aware of every step we take. We make sure to run all our action plans by you before making any major changes. At Digital Hot Sauce, what you see is what you get – we don’t hide behind marketing jargon. We are invested in the growth of your business and take it upon ourselves to provide you with the best service to gain the most effective results.

Streamlined reporting and analysis

Our reporting won’t include charts and graphs that you don’t understand. We do straightforward reporting on the goals we’re working toward.

Strategic technical SEO leadership

Our robust technical SEO services will help you get the results you’ve been looking for. Our team of SEO professionals is incredibly passionate about what they do. They know that when you look good, they look good. They do everything in their power to make sure your business is set up for success.

Technical SEO FAQs

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website is compatible with search engine guidelines so that it can be crawled and indexed without any problems. Our audits capture everything about the technical health of your website – from what’s working to what needs to improve. Then, our SEO specialists go in and make optimizations to ensure your website is functioning properly for online users and search engine crawlers.

The key elements of a technical SEO audit include site speed, accessibility and visibility on search engines, indexing and crawling, core web vitals check, sitemaps, website migration, structured data, image file sizes, and canonical URLs, amongst other things. At Digital Hot Sauce, we carry out an in-depth technical SEO audit and create a strategy that positions your website for success online.