SEO Audit Services:

A complete website analysis.

Have you checked your website’s performance in Google Analytics and realized traffic is down? Have you noticed there isn’t much traction in the organic leads you’re generating? Have your previous SEO audits been pages long without any focus on specific things that need to be improved?

At Digital Hot Sauce, we can help answer all these questions for you with our robust SEO audit services. We focus on what’s important and aim at getting the needle moving. By starting off with quick wins, we can set your business up for success without having to wait months, if not years, to see results. An SEO audit is essentially a “health check” for your website and will help analyze how good your online visibility is. It’s the first step in creating a strategic SEO plan that will have measurable results for your business online.

The purpose of the audit is to identify the factors directly affecting your organic search performance, and recommending improvements for the near future and in the long run. It’s a way of giving you an overview of how well your website is doing in Google’s eyes.

Our SEO audit services

At Digital Hot Sauce, our team of expert SEO specialists know the importance of SEO audits in helping a business grow in terms of traffic, leads, and conversions. Our SEO audit services will help your business increase its reach and accessibility online, and fill any content and keyword gaps to increase your online ranking.

With our thorough SEO audit, you will:

Improve your website’s overall performance

Website performance is a key factor in ranking well on search engines. It’s no secret that Google loves a healthy website, which is why our SEO audit helps flag any issues your website might have. Some of these issues can be fixed immediately, while some take a little longer. Our SEO specialists will deliver the right recommendations, regardless of how long it takes. We’ll carry out technical checks, review structured data, do a website crawl, and audit your mobile SEO-friendliness as well. By carrying out regular SEO audits, we can make sure your website is functioning at optimal health.

Find out which keywords you are ranking for

Our SEO audit offers valuable information about your organic visibility in search results. Once you know what you’re ranking for, and what you’re not, you can then optimize your content accordingly to generate good results. It often comes as a surprise to clients when we share the keywords they’re actually ranking for. The SEO audit is a great way to learn more about your business and how your customers find you online.

Understand keywords that are bringing in traffic and leads

Ranking well for specific keywords is great. But are those keywords related to what you offer, and are they bringing in traffic or driving revenue for your business? If you find that you’re ranking well for a certain keyword, but that keyword is generating little traffic, it could be that your ideal customers are not researching that term, or that the keyword has a low search volume.

Our SEO audit will help you understand the search terms, and their variations, that your target audience is using. This knowledge helps when creating an SEO strategy for creating and optimizing your website content.

Understand how to fill gaps through our content analysis

Content Gap Analysis is the process of evaluating existing content on a topic and discovering “gaps” in that content to improve upon. By researching keywords, looking at the relevancy, user intent, and search volume of the phrases in your copy, we will help you create content that ranks well on Google and engages your target audience. This will lead to an increase in traffic, and eventually create a loyal customer base that will keep coming back for your products and services.

Understand your competitors better

Want to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for, or where they’re performing better in search engines? Our SEO audit includes competitor analysis and comparison that gives you all the details you need to know about your competition. You can then use this knowledge when creating an SEO strategy that will help boost your online presence, thereby increasing traffic, leads and sales.

Understand your Google Analytics and Google Search Console Reporting

Most businesses have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up but aren’t sure how to leverage the data and reporting to their advantage. In our SEO audit services, we thoroughly review your Google Search Console setup and look for any indexing and crawling issues your website has, and carry out a performance audit to make sure all pages are running smoothly on Google. We also do an enhancement report audit which helps find and fix issues that hinder your website’s performance in search.

Using Google Analytics, our team of SEO specialists will audit all Call-To-Actions (CTAs) and goals, do a bounce rate analysis, and provide recommendations based on a performance analysis. We’ve got it all covered, so you don’t have to spend time on these processes and can focus on running your business.

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Why choose Digital Hot Sauce for SEO audit services

If you’re having trouble ranking in major search engines and want to know why, you’ve come to the right place. At Digital Hot Sauce, our team of SEO specialists is passionate about helping your business grow. Apart from simply focusing on reports and metrics, we care deeply about your business and are as invested in its success as you are. We know that when you look good, we look good, and when you win, we win. That’s why you can count on us to be on top of the latest SEO trends, even with the ever-changing Google algorithm.

Our thorough SEO audit services will determine what works for you and what doesn’t, and will find the best ways to increase your online presence, while also driving traffic, leads, and revenue.

Here’s what you’ll get working with us:

One-on-one point of contact

Our dedicated account managers will be your single point of contact and will make sure that everything is running smoothly. They will keep you in the loop and deliver all updates and results to you directly.

SEO leadership and expertise

Our team of digital marketing SEO specialists is based in Vancouver and we've got experience working with a wide range of businesses. We know the ins and outs of the SEO industry, and use proven practices to make sure your business is set up for success.

Straightforward Reporting Dashboard

We’re not about marketing jargon. Our SEO audit reports are created for you to understand. We report on the results you’re seeking without the nonsense, and our team is happy to discuss any questions you might have along the way.

Value, transparency and results

We’re focused on making marketing more effective, and getting you the results you want to see. We’re honest along the way, and don’t hesitate to tell it like it is. You let us know what you need, we work our tails off to make it happen, and we keep you in the loop the entire way.

SEO audit FAQs

A full SEO audit includes a detailed analysis of your website, including content analysis, keyword research, technical analysis, page-level audit, user experience, and full-link profile reviews.
Our SEO audits vary depending on the number of pages a website has. Typically, it takes between 5-6 hours to carry out an in-depth analysis for the average website.
Our SEO audits not only provide you with valuable information about your website and its ranking online, but it also helps determine which keywords can help you garner more traffic, leads, and conversions. We also provide you with a competitor analysis, which helps you leverage information about your competition to use to your advantage. SEO audits are the first step in creating a robust SEO strategy to help you rank well in search engines.