We’re a growth marketing team. We like to get clever about working together to deliver tangible results. Also, we give a damn.


Scot Sustad

Chief Pioneer / CEO

Scot is a 4x start-up entrepreneur with a passion for marketing products and services that make the world better. He is a creative thinker and digital problem solver that constantly stretches our partners and team to think bigger! He is obsessed with providing real value and has little patience for fluff or inaction. When not working on Hot Sauce projects, he is focused on mentoring young leaders and building community in Vancouver. Scot is the CEO and “Chief Pioneer” at Hot Sauce.


Reuben Zuidhof

Co-Founder / CFO

Reuben started his first business in 2007, and now has 3 under his belt. He takes his visionary partners’ ideas and puts tracks on them. He loves pretty much everything that has to do with people and won’t shy away from asking you some hard questions about your business because making order out of chaos somehow brings him satisfaction. On the side he makes some hard cider that has become known as Zuider which will sneak up on you if you’re not careful.


Peter Wong

Digital Strategy and Implementation

Peter has worked in e-commerce and digital marketing for over 11 years. When he is not busy with optimizing Adwords campaigns, trouble shooting issues, and creating marketing strategy, you can find him at RED Academy instructing the part-time digital marketing foundations program. He is passionate in growing and mentoring young marketers as well as thinking of strategies to help businesses succeed. Peter loves hot sauce and spicy foods (literally!)


Annie Robinson

Marketing Manager

A project manager and strategist, Annie has worked with small to multi-million dollar budgets, from big name brands to start-ups and non profits. It lights her up to connect with new companies and figure out the best way to get the job done. Outside of work, Annie enjoys art and music, and is most often found making messes in her studio space.

Ali Porter – Digital Hot Sauce

Ali Porter

Growth Marketer & UX Designer

Ali is a digital marketer with a focus on design (UX, UI), conversion rate optimization, and strategy. In other words, he doesn’t just make things look good, he makes sure they generate results (aka revenue).


Judy Rom

Marketing Manager

Judy is an enthusiastic digital marketer with a love of sustainability. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria. Charismatic and driven, Judy is a creative digital strategist and a diligent project manager.


Rebecca Visser

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rebecca approaches her work as both an art and science. She has the skills and experience to help you move the conversion needle forward with precision and finesse. Out of the office, Rebecca helps produce a current affairs radio program and loves to watch deep cut 1990s movies.


Shannen Eikerman

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Shannen is a passionate digital marketer with a flare for copy, analytics, and strategy. Shannen likes to go above and beyond to deliver results with a personal touch. When she’s not attempting to be retweeted by Product Hunt or reading the latest Marketing Dive report, she enjoys biking around Vancouver, drinking coffee and reading Game of Thrones.


Caitlin Sullivan

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Caitlin is a digital marketer with an eye for detail and passion for analysis. She likes to dig deep into data to uncover impactful insights that lead to meaningful results. When she’s not researching the latest digital marketing trends, Caitlin likes running slow and far, mastering French vegetarian cooking (and eating), and hiking in the mountains in British Columbia.


Joshua McFaul

Web Developer

Joshua is an avid front-end web developer with a focus on crafting beautifully responsive, scalable experiences on the web. Coming from a role in IT and Desktop Support, his problem-solving ability applies well to the ever-shifting landscape of website development. Joshua has been known to spontaneously break out in song (and consequently works mainly from home). Check out his work and say hello at