Meet our Strategy & Growth Marketing team. What makes us unique?


We have worked painstakingly hard to build a culture that leans into radical candour for the betterment of the team and our partners. We drive impact and outcomes for our clients by rapid testing and validation of hypotheses.


Scot Sustad

Chief Pioneer / CEO

Scot is a 4x start-up entrepreneur with a passion for marketing products and services that make the world better. He is a creative thinker and digital problem solver that constantly stretches our partners and team to think bigger! He is obsessed with providing real value and has little patience for fluff or inaction. When not working on Hot Sauce projects, he is focused on mentoring young leaders and building community in Vancouver. Scot is the CEO and “Chief Pioneer” at Hot Sauce.


Reuben Zuidhof

Co-Founder / CFO

Reuben started his first business in 2007, and now has 3 under his belt. He takes his visionary partners’ ideas and puts tracks on them. He loves pretty much everything that has to do with people and won’t shy away from asking you some hard questions about your business because making order out of chaos somehow brings him satisfaction. On the side he makes some hard cider that has become known as Zuider which will sneak up on you if you’re not careful.


Gordon Ruby

Director of Performance

Gordon is a seasoned marketing professional who loves helping organizations grow and succeed with thoughtful and concise strategic guidance. He possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, rational thinking and articulation, a rapport building demeanor and an enthusiastic approach that consistently elevates the brands and people with whom he collaborates. He cares most about impact marketing: making a difference for brands whose mission entails changing the world for the better – for an audience of any scale.


Kyle Harms

Director of Accounts

Kyle is a marketing strategist with a background in working with non-profit organizations, tourism and hospitality, and service-based businesses. He has a passion for building authentic marketing strategies, creating engaging content, and delivering epic brand experiences. When he’s not thinking of innovative ways to connect brands, Kyle enjoys watching (numerous) sports, and adding to his vinyl collection.

Janice Chow

Janice Chow

Marketing Manager

Janice is passionate about collaborating with companies to identify and implement digital strategies for differentiating their value proposition, improving their web presence and growing their business online. Outside of digital marketing, Janice is an avid foodie and board game geek.

Amanda Leier – Digital Hot Sauce

Amanda Leier

Content Strategist

Amanda is a digital marketer and storyteller with a passion for people. She lives to make new connections and then learn what makes those people tick. She’s crafted impactful brand identities, engaging digital content, communication plans, and growth strategies for design agencies, professional service firms, and non-profits. Her sweet spot is finding the voice of your audience, and shaping communications that create conversions and reap results. When not getting into the heads of customers, Amanda can be found at live music shows, gazing at the moon or hosting friends in her home.

Braeden Matson-Jones – Digital Hot Sauce

Braeden Matson-Jones

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Braeden is a lover of new technology and the ever-growing digital realm. He’s always looking for new things to test, and enjoys diving head-first into strategy and campaign optimizations. The creative and analytical synthesis of digital marketing is what makes him tick. When he’s not involved in the digital world, you can probably find him playing music, at the gym, or spending quality time with friends and family.


Chris Ho

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Chris is a creative digital marketer with a background in graphic design and print. He loves to combine data-driven analysis with his design expertise to create engaging marketing campaigns that drive meaningful results. When he’s not thinking about ad campaigns, Chris can be found checking out new restaurants in Vancouver, watching sports, or playing soccer (rain or shine!).

Michelle Ng – Digital Hot Sauce

Michelle Ng

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Michelle is an enthusiastic digital marketer and designer who comes from a Marketing and Entrepreneurship background. She loves using her creativity to problem-solve and create out-of-the-box solutions when helping businesses build a unique identity. In addition to her passion for marketing, her past experiences working at social enterprises have also developed her interest in social innovation (innovations aimed at fulfilling social needs!) and environmental sustainability.

Juan Leano Digital Hot Sauce – Growth Marketing

Juan Leano

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Juan is an energetic and keen digital marketer who is always eager to try new tools and strategies to find innovative solutions. With a critical mindset, Juan likes to dig deep with data and analytics in order to understand performance and optimize for growth. Having a passion for everything that has to do with social, Juan can usually be found taking pictures for his handle or breaking a sweat in a group fitness class.


Joshua McFaul

Web Developer

Joshua is an avid front-end web developer with a focus on crafting beautifully responsive, scalable experiences on the web. Coming from a role in IT and Desktop Support, his problem-solving ability applies well to the ever-shifting landscape of website development. Joshua has been known to spontaneously break out in song (and consequently works remotely a lot of the time).

Ali Porter – Digital Hot Sauce

Ali Porter

UI & UX Design Lead

Ali is a digital marketer with a focus on design (UX, UI), conversion rate optimization, and strategy. In other words, he doesn’t just make things look good, he makes sure they generate results (aka revenue).

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