Meet our Strategy & Growth Marketing team. What makes us unique?


We have worked painstakingly hard to build a culture that leans into radical candour for the betterment of the team and our partners. We drive impact and outcomes for our clients by rapid testing and validation of hypotheses.

Kyle Harms Profile

Kyle Harms


Kyle is a marketing strategist with a background in working with non-profit organizations, tourism and hospitality, and service-based businesses. Kyle’s uniquely humble and lovable qualities matched with sharp strategic leadership make him an easy leader to follow as our CEO. He loves connecting with people and solving complex problems. While he’s always focused on the bigger picture, Kyle is a highly technical digital marketer focused on finding solutions that will actually drive value. He loves spending his spare time playing with his dog, starting businesses, and exploring the world.


Reuben Zuidhof

Co-Founder / CFO

Reuben started his first business in 2007, and now has 3 under his belt. He takes his visionary partners’ ideas and puts tracks on them. He loves pretty much everything that has to do with people and won’t shy away from asking you some hard questions about your business because making order out of chaos somehow brings him satisfaction. On the side he makes some hard cider that has become known as Zuider which will sneak up on you if you’re not careful.


Scot Sustad

Co-founder, Marketing Strategist

Scot is a 5x start-up entrepreneur with a passion for marketing products and services that make the world better. He is a creative thinker and digital problem solver that constantly stretches our partners and team to think bigger and creatively! He is obsessed with providing real value and has little patience for fluff or inaction. His entrepreneurial experience and ability to think creatively help our clients discover unique opportunities. When not working on Hot Sauce projects, he is focused on mentoring young leaders and building community in Vancouver.

Janice Chow

Janice Chow

Director of Marketing Operations

Janice is passionate about collaborating with companies to identify and implement digital strategies for differentiating their value proposition, improving their web presence and growing their business online. Outside of digital marketing, Janice is an avid foodie and board game geek.


Jaren Scott

Director of Accounts

Jaren is a (nearly) life-long marketing guy, with a head for strategy and organization. He gets a kick out of complex problem solving, pushing boundaries and finding new ways to make his clients money. When he’s not gazing in to the Matrix, he spends his time reading voraciously, collecting music and trying to stay in shape.


Ketian Dou

Senior Marketing Manager

Ketian used to be an engineer who turned ideas into tools that helped people. Driven by her curiosity to connect with people from all paths of life, she now helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into scalable businesses. She has worked in e-commerce, luxury goods, media, medical devices, real estate, and tech start-ups. With a passion for traveling, Ketian has been to 36 countries and lived in 6 of them.

Karley Headshot

Karley Carpenter

Account Manager

Karley is a seasoned account manager with a background in project management, marketing (both digital + traditional media), and graphic design. She loves connecting with clients, determining goals, and creating plans to get projects off the ground and running. When she’s not obsessing over marketing ideas, you can find Karley exploring the great outdoors, petting every dog within arm’s reach, or bingeing the latest crime series on Netflix.


Hayley Betteridge

Junior Account Manager

Hayley is an enthusiastic digital marketer with a background in account management and content creation. She has a passion for working with people and developing innovative strategies to drive results. When she’s not putting pen to paper, Hayley can be found balancing on a paddleboard or in figure skates.


Dylan Sucevic

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Coming to us from the Land Down Under, Dylan is a curious digital marketer with a strong background in digital account management and paid social. He loves to dive into real-world problems and solve them by coming up with bespoke strategies that fit the scenario. When he’s not thinking about paid social, Dylan is playing Football (Soccer), discussing International Relations or practicing the art of mixing as an amateur DJ.


Gary Yeung

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Gary is a digital marketer who’s passionate in bringing brands to life. Whether it’s a small or a big business, he will take the time to deeply understand the story and purpose of the brand, and develop strategies that will bring success beyond the bottom line. Outside of work, his hobbies include music, cooking really spicy food, watching soccer, and going for walks in nature.

ashley juana

Ashley Juana

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ashley is a passionate marketer who believes in the power of storytelling. She loves to be challenged to think “outside the box” and use her creative and and strategic ideas to learn and adapt. Outside of work, you’ll find her exploring nature trails with her dog or cafe hoping in search of the city’s best pastries.


MJ Dewji

Digital Marketing Coordinator

MJ is experienced in digital marketing, e-commerce, and being a disappointed Canucks fan. Driven by his caring personality and passion in marketing, he takes pride in producing successful digital marketing campaigns for clients. When MJ isn’t busy helping clients succeed online, you can find him either building out his various side hustles or enjoying the various sports that he plays.


Sarah William

Finance Assistant

Sarah has a passion for numbers, clarity and teamwork. She holds a Masters degree in Finance and is currently pursuing her CPA designation. She uses her expertise to streamline accounting operations at Digital Hot Sauce. Outside of work, she travels, learns French, hosts dinner parties or gets lost in a good book.


Brittni Arthur

Administrative Partner

Brittni comes from a background of nonprofit work. In this field she saw how technology can play a key role in helping drive meaningful work. Whether it’s increasing donations or the bottom line, she is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance efficiencies and increase results: enter her love of CRMs. When Brittni isn’t developing and building strategic automation, she enjoys nerding out over coffee, cooking, hiking and cycling.


Joshua McFaul

Web Developer

Joshua is an avid front-end web developer with a focus on crafting beautifully responsive, scalable experiences on the web. Coming from a role in IT and Desktop Support, his problem-solving ability applies well to the ever-shifting landscape of website development. Joshua has been known to spontaneously break out in song (and consequently works remotely a lot of the time).

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