WordPress Support

When it comes to WordPress Support we have your back.

Having a WordPress development team who takes care of all the technical day-to-day operations of your site, frees you up and allows you to spend your time more productively, like following up on new clients or strategizing new acquisition campaigns.


Our WordPress support services include:


  • Hosting – choosing a web host from the thousands out there can be a chore. Our WordPress consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure your website has a rich hosting environment to work at its best.
  • Site migration – we take care of exporting your database, media files, themes and plugins, while migrating your site to one of the most popular cloud services.
  • Configuring  plugins – although WordPress is pretty good out of the box, it may need a few tweaks here and there. We can help with adding & supporting additional plugins to further improve your site’s functionality.
  • Fixing bugs – our developers have a good working knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS and have the technical expertise to modify core files in order to fix bugs. We use a version control system that shows the lines of code added, modified, and removed to keep track of what has been changed.
  • Backups – there are many reasons why your database could get erased or corrupted, and when this happens you stand to lose everything – all content, every post, every comment and every link. We make sure your database and files are safely backed up so it can be quickly restored when things go wrong.
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We have been informed that a number of individuals have received phishing emails from scammers pretending to offer a job position with Hot Sauce. The sender uses the URL "addsomehotsauce.net," which is different from our website URL, "addsomehotsauce.com." Recipients are asked for their personal information and to complete bank/bitcoin transfers. 

If you have received an email like this, please delete it immediately. Do not share any personal information and submit a claim to the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre.