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Today, Search Engine Optimization is still the number one driver of online web traffic. Since SEO is such a specialized and ever-changing field, it’s best to work with a professional SEO consulting team with extensive experience in getting results.


When it comes to SEO optimization we approach everything we do with a holistic mindset to ensure that you get the traffic you need to succeed. Whether you need basic SEO, or a more comprehensive long-term solution, we can tailor a package around your business needs.


Some of our SEO services include:


  • Your sitemap / site architecture
    A sitemap file is like a roadmap for search engines like Google, telling them the hierarchy of your pages, as well as which pages should be indexed. We make sure your site architecture is optimized for best efficiency and results.
  • Keyword research / competition research
    We do an analysis of the most popular keywords used in your industry, their frequency, as well as those used by your main competitors. This, together with a thorough look at competitive online strategies, ensures the best possible SEO solution for you.
  • SEO content development and/or editing
    Content is still “king”. We prepare an SEO report of your website’s content and incorporate SEO optimization through the use of relevant keywords / keyword phrases, surrounded by semantic phrasing that supports the overall theme of the content.
  • Link building
    To give your pages authority it’s important to have internal links to relevant product or service pages. We also do off-site optimization which includes building in-bound links from reputable high-traffic sites to build the credibility of your website.
  • Local SEO
    Adding service location addresses and/or city listings, and building area-specific / location keywords into your content, is important in drawing traffic from the appropriate areas. In addition, adding good local links to your pages will help optimize your website to acquire foot traffic from your local area of interest.
  • Guest SEO
    For added SEO optimization we provide content for guest blogs on related pages.
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