Customer & Brand

If we can’t stand in our customers shoes how are we ever going to make the emotional connection with them required to build trust, communicate value and ultimately position your product or service as a tool to improve their lives?

We pick up where you leave off. If you have an idea, we can help with building a brand. If you have soup to nuts brand that needs refreshed messaging, we’ll dig in to connect all the dots.

Brand Foundation Development:
  • Brand Logo and Wordmark
  • Brand Pillars & Messaging
  • Digital Brand Audit
Customer Research & Insights:
  • Customer Survey
  • Customer Interviews
  • Qualitative Insight Review

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We have been informed that a number of individuals have received phishing emails from scammers pretending to offer a job position with Hot Sauce. The sender uses the URL "," which is different from our website URL, "" Recipients are asked for their personal information and to complete bank/bitcoin transfers. 

If you have received an email like this, please delete it immediately. Do not share any personal information and submit a claim to the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre.