We aren’t winning unless we can show you the hard data that proves we’re moving the needle on your gamechanger metric. As part of the Strategic Approach Project we identify all gaps in your current data and analytics structure.

Data & Attribution Implementation:
  • Traffic Platform Attribution
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • CRM Attribution Integration

From here we get to work putting in place and validating data across the entire user journey. This allows us to speak the same language, look at reports that highlight profitability based on full funnel attribution and make data drive improvements.

Full Funnel Reporting & Insights:
  • Traffic, Channel & Campaign
  • On-Site Conversion Analysis
  • Full Funnel ROI & Insights

Our Approach:

Strategic Approach Process™

Unique goals and needs require unique solutions.

First, we create a strategic foundation built on a deep dive into your organization, your goals, your revenue model, the target market, competition, and your current marketing activities before we can recommend a strategy or budget that we all believe in. In the SAP we review and set a direction for the following areas:

  1. Marketing goals/objective clarity
  2. Business model review
  3. Target client
  4. Brand – cohesion, and message
  5. Reach – efficient and effective methods to connect with your target audience
  6. Data/analytics – how marketing activities being tracked


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