XenCall is a Vancouver-based company that offers quality software products that make sales staff and call centers more effective and profitable.  Their key differentiators include a proprietary predictive dialer and complete CRM software. While XenCall has proven they produce a quality product in the market, they had not built out their digital marketing channels. As the position for exponential growth in 2019, they reached out to us at Digital Hot Sauce to drive the online marketing strategy and execution.

Client: XenCall
Our Services: Customer Insights and Google Ads Paid Search

Our Approach

XenCall’s overarching business aspiration for growth hinged on customer acquisition. Lead generation and conversions were the two key metrics by which success was to be measured.  


Hot Sauce partnered with XenCall to build a strategic plan focused on lead generation and customer acquisition. One of the tactical goals identified included “getting personal” with competitors in the battle for customer acquisition – which was an established tactic we observed in this specific SaaS market. Paid search ads were explicitly written targeting many competitors, and calling out XenCall’s key value differentiators.  


We observed immediate results within the first week, specifically:

  • 7.5x as many conversions as a result of implementing our Account Restructure.
  • 31% reduction in cost per conversion (from $86.50 to $60)


Through leveraging our Customer Insights work and updating search copy XenCall realized an increase in brand awareness and engagement. Within the first 48 hours, the XenCall brand saw the following results:

  • Increase in ad engagement: from 3 clicks to 118
  • Increase in brand impressions: a 25% increase in brand impressions

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