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About This Project

The Brand

Margo Supplies Ltd. is an eCommerce brand that strives to provide excellent products and services while demonstrating their thought leadership in the industry.

Margo Supplies is committed to innovation and education and touts over 35 years experience in the wildlife management industry. This organization is dedicated to supplying safe, effective and non-lethal wildlife management solutions for airports, agriculture and industry and outdoor recreationists.


Our Approach

Hot Sauce understands the importance of keeping the Margo Supplies brand top of mind. We ensure that a steady flow of new customers are acquired through SEO and SEM channels. Since Margo Supplies is dedicated to providing education to their clients, we have also come alongside their team to develop a content strategy and email marketing plan that provides high quality news and purchasing opportunities.


Project Details

Margo Supplies Ltd. was in the process of launching a new website in 2016. As an organization that has had a digital presence for decades, Margo Supplies needed a team who could preserve their search engine optimization efforts throughout the website migration. We have come alongside the Margo Supplies team to ensure that their content and product pages can be easily found online.

Our team has also provided pay-per-click advertising on Google to drive sales and repeat customers. Through the use of branded and non-branded campaigns, our Google ads are now running with a 253% return on investment or more.

Services Provided

Content Strategy & Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM or Google Adwords PPC)
Online Marketing Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Email Marketing

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- Increased revenue by 42% in one quarter
- Organic traffic increase by 34% in one quarter
- Average email ecommerce conversion rate is 3%
- Google ads have an average 253% return on investment

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