Work from Home Tip: Adding a Filter to your Google Analytics Client (video)

As many businesses have shifted to remote work settings for their teams, companies have been busy creating work from home policies. Businesses and individuals are looking for tips and tricks to help their businesses thrive in this environment. 

An important tip that we’ve been sharing with our clients and networks is to add each of your team’s home office IP addresses as a filter in Google Analytics. This will ensure that your team is not being tracked in any of your reporting views within Google Analytics. It is likely that you’ve previously added your office IP address; however, with your location changing it is important to update that in Google Analytics. 

We’ve created a quick video, below, to help with this process. 

How to exclude your IP Address in Google Analytics:

  1. Visit and look up your current IP address. Once you’ve found it, copy this (you’ll need it in a minute)
  2. Login to Google Analytics and select your profile
  3. Select the Admin menu
  4. Under Account select All Filters
  5. Click Add Filter
  6. Give your Filter a name (use the name of the individual)
  7. Set Filter type as Predefined
  8. Set to Exclude, traffic from the IP addresses, that are equal to
  9. Paste your IP address
  10. Click Save

It is important to repeat this for all Wi-Fi networks you want to be excluded from Google Analytics. You should also do the same thing for any phones or tablets that use cell towers. On your device, you can disconnect from Wi-Fi and visit to grab the IP address. 

Our team keeps an updated list of IP addresses of our main office as well as all remote work locations (including our homes) in a shared document. We schedule periodic checks to make sure all of our clients’ Google Analytics properties are updated to exclude all of our devices. 

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