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The Top Keywords Your Cleaning Business Should Be Ranking For

Recently, we dove into the magical world of keyword research in order to establish which keywords and search trends cleaning businesses should be paying attention to in 2020.

COVID-19 has without a doubt made a huge dent on the cleaning industry. Just as you’ve adapted your operations to survive the current market conditions, your keyword targeting also needs to be adjusted to better position your company and take advantage of any untapped opportunities. Our keywords and trends data can help your business rank better on Google if your website and content are optimized accordingly.

Without further ado, here are the findings.

Top 10 Keywords That Your Cleaning Business Should Rank For

We looked at the most common services provided by cleaning companies to identify the relevant keywords that have substantial monthly volumes (meaning people are searching for this) and low-to-medium competition (meaning there’s a higher chance you’ll rank with some concerted SEO efforts). These represent “keyword cash cows” in terms of their ability to drive qualified traffic to your website and potentially unlock new customers.



1. house cleaning

2. home cleaning 18,100
3. deep cleaning 9,900
4. commercial cleaning 9,900
5. office cleaning 8,100
6. apartment cleaning 3,600
7. residential cleaning 2,400
8. airbnb cleaning 1,600
9. industrial cleaning services 1,600
10. bathroom cleaning services


*Average monthly search volumes in Google in USA, based on the last 12 months of search data. Retrieved from Google Keyword Planner in August | 2020.

What Can You Take Away From The Information Above?

Here are 3 key takeaways from the list above.

  1. The search term “house cleaning services” is commonly searched.
    If you don’t already offer house cleaning, the demand is there as you can see from the keyword research above. We recommend creating a service page focused on house cleaning and be sure to list it as a business service on your Google My Business listing so that customers are aware.
  2. You can use the list above and add some of these keywords to the content on your website.
    If you aren’t providing any of the top services that people are searching for, maybe it’s time to restructure your service offering to include some of these services. An action item from this might be to start thinking of some cleaning packages that offer a selection of the keywords that are included above; for example, office packages or work-from-home deep cleaning services.
  3. The search term “what is included in a deep house cleaning” has over 390 average monthly searches.
    This is a great opportunity to create a blog post that is focused on this topic to help generate free website traffic for potentially qualified customers. If it’s a question that is being commonly asked by the customer, be sure to provide them with the answer to that question either through a blog post, social media post or video. 

What Google Trends Is Saying

Keyword volumes are based on an average of the last 12 months of search data, and don’t necessarily show trends. As a business owner, you should also be wondering: how do I know which keywords are falling and rising in popularity and how can I use these changes in volume, to the advantage of my business?

With there being many unpredictable changes in the marketplace this year to date, keywords and trends have changed rapidly and with little warning. 

To answer the above question, we also looked into the industry trends we’ve seen over the past six months to provide some insight into search differences pre- and post-COVID. This information was provided via Google Trends and can be seen below for markets in The United States and Canada.

The United States Cleaning Search Trends

Here are the three keywords that we’ve been tracking over the past six months:


Three search keyword terms that were measured in Google Trends - Digital Hot Sauce

Trends over time for the three keywords that are being tracked - Digital Hot Sauce

For the terms “deep cleaning” and “cleaning company”, we’ve seen the search volume remain steady over the last six months.

For the term “cleaning services”, there has been a dramatic increase in interest over the last 6 months, especially in mid to late May. This may indicate a slight rebound in people’s confidence in using professional cleaning services compared to the start of the pandemic.

We also kept an eye on some of the related search queries that have seen explosive growth since the beginning of the pandemic. The search term “covid cleaning services” is categorized as breakout which means its search volume grew by over 5,000% in the last 6 months according to Google.

Breakout search terms during the COVID-19 pandemic - Digital Hot Sauce

Meanwhile, the search term “disinfecting cleaning services” has seen a 950% increase over the last six months.

Breakout search terms during the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on disinfecting cleaning services - Digital Hot Sauce

Canada Cleaning Search Trends

In Canada, we’ve been monitoring the same keywords and we’ve also seen a noticeable increase in interest over time for the same cleaning-specific keywords. There was a similar trend in Canada with “deep cleaning” and “cleaning company” remaining relatively stable and “cleaning services” experiencing strong and gradual growth over the past six months. 

The three keywords that are being tracked on Google Trends - Digital Hot Sauce

Interest over time of the three keywords that are being tracked for search volume - Digital Hot Sauce

One interesting trend we observed in Canada is that the search term “cleaning services edmonton” saw a strong increase in searches over the last six months.


Trend report for the search term cleaning services Edmonton - Digital Hot Sauce

By using the Google Trends tool, you can isolate interesting growth opportunities for your business and capitalize on geographic search terms like “cleaning service [city]”. Capitalization on these trends may come in the form of: 

  • Offering new services based on these insights 
  • Updating your website to reflect these services
  • Listing these services on your Google My Business Account


The Final Word

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed intense pressures on businesses across the globe.

However, it has also empowered businesses to establish operational efficiencies that will last far beyond the pandemic, whilst also encouraging businesses to refine their services and core offerings with laser-sharp focus.

Cleaning businesses are uniquely placed in this new landscape to help contain the spread of the virus and should be making the most of the tools that are available to them. The Google keyword research and Google Trends tools are two resources that all cleaning businesses should be using in order to leverage user search behaviour to their advantage.

Another Tool To Be Utilized

Over the past few months, we’ve built and launched a Professional Cleaner Marketing Collective. It is a peer group of up to 10 business owners in the cleaning industry (in non-competing territories) that get access to: 

  1. Business strategy & support 
  2. Shared resources (keyword research, industry trends & more)
  3. Digital marketing strategy and execution

This Marketing Collective has already proven to be a helpful resource for cleaning business owners that are feeling the pinch of an unpredictable situation. If you are interested to learn more, read our overview here or schedule a brief call with Scot, the CEO at Digital Hot Sauce.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to chatting with you further.

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