Hello Goodbye: 2017 Highlights & Introducing 2018 Journaling

2017 was a year of clarity and growth for us; we’re welcoming 2018 with a clearer vision and excitement. Have you read our manifesto?

Read a few Hot Sauce highlights of the year, jazz hands included.

1. We grew!

The Hot Sauce team expanded to 9 people + our beloved ring of fire team, and now we’re up to 10 in January. What a year together and each addition to the team has been meaningful, not to mention a delight.

2. Inhabiting New Spaces

And by that we mean we took over our neighbour’s office.

Our dear neighbour retired from 30 years of service as a child psychiatrist. Now we inhabit her good-vibed office space and have also inherited her 30 year old plant. We’ve doubled our amount of space for more collaboration and stand up desks galore.

This plant is older than Shannen…


3. Introducing: Journaling

After learning so much in 2017, we’ve made the resolution to start sharing more via a blog, aka The Hot Sauce Journal.

And we believe in the power of journaling for mindfulness and to solidify learnings as they come. So here we are 2018! Look for us to share our journeys in business growth and digital marketing. We hope you find these writings valuable and fun to read.

What to Expect from the Hot Sauce Journal

  1. Sharing is Caring
    We’re always learning and developing our skills as digital marketers. And for us, the best way to solidify those skills is to share with others!
    So, when we learn cool digital marketing tips and tricks, we’ll post them here. Maybe we’ll even share a bit of what not to do…
  2. Good Ole Growth Pains
    We’re a growing business; maybe you are too. We’ll share these learnings along the way, including the nitty gritty ones.
  3. Community Bettering Before Everything Else
    If you know us, you know we give a damn. This company was founded on doing digital marketing with a purpose, so of course we want to share the impact with you. We’ll highlight change-makers we work with and share the difference they’re making in the world!

So keep your ear to the ground for more insights from the team; everyone will be contributing to the journal and sharing his or her perspective on their travels.


For another peekaboo, give a listen to our office wide Spotify recap of 2017:

Before you leave, tell us how you feel!

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