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Google Local Service Ads & The Importance Of Seasonality

Google Local Service Ads are a great way to generate leads for your service-based business. Whether you’re a law firm, local tree care company, cleaning business or accountant, Google Local Service Ads can help find you new leads in a crowded and competitive market. 

One thing that is still an important factor when running Google Local Service Ads, is the seasonality of your business.

  • If you’re in the accounting world, tax time would see stronger results with regard to leads from Google Local Service Ads
  • If you’re a tree care business, spring and summer are the two busy periods when you would see an uptick in leads from local service ads
  • If you’re a provider of photography, the wedding season might be busier for your business


We’ve been testing this hypothesis recently with a tree care provider in The United States and we’ve seen some very interesting results. 

1: We Ran Google Local Service Ads for Months & Noticed Something

It wasn’t busy season for the tree care business, so we wanted to run Local Service Ads to see if they could generate leads in the quieter months. Whilst it did generate some results, we noticed that leads were much stronger the closer we got to spring.

So we increased the budgets at this time and the number of leads and appointments subsequently booked from these leads, greatly increased to produce some pretty great results including a booking or conversion rate of the charged leads of 85.7%

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And when you look at the number of leads dating back from November to date, this increase closely matches the seasonal demand that this business sees on a regular occurence.

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2: Seasonality Is Another Important Factor When It Comes To Ranking

One of the coolest things about Google Local Service ads is that they display right at the top of all Google search results even before these sections of Google:


That’s the best real estate that you could hope for on Google! Here’s an example of how they might look to someone searching for a local service. 


The local service ads SERP - Digital Hot Sauce



















There are some really important points regarding the ranking of Local Service Ads including:

  • How many positive reviews you have
  • The distance between your business and the user who searched for you 
  • Your responsiveness to leads
  • The context of the user’s search


But there is one other really important point that is crucial to the success of your business on local service ads. If your business is quite seasonal, these ads might not work as well for you in the quieter months. Instead, you should be increasing your investment in this channel when the time is right in order to maximize the results for your business.

3: Want To Know If Your Business Is Eligible?

Google is constantly testing and adding new businesses that are eligible for local service ads. If you’re wondering if your business can run these ads, simply visit this link to check your eligibility. 

4: So, What Next? 

We know there’s lots of information to absorb, so we also created this video which should explain any questions you might have.

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4: A Quick Note About Us

A little note about us. As a digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada, we’ve been serving local service businesses for over 6 years. We know what works and what doesn’t across many industries including tree care, financial services, cleaning, maintenance & many other businesses. We’re happy to help local service businesses grow and reach their goals. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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