Five Things Small Businesses Should Do Online During COVID-19

At Digital Hot Sauce, we work with many small businesses who are being heavily affected by the impact of COVID-19. As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles that you’re going through, and we want to use our digital marketing expertise to help other organizations get through these unprecedented times.

If you are a business owner or part of an organization that’s being affected by COVID-19, here are five things you should do immediately to survive the current economic climate and future proof your business.


1. Empathize with your customer & pivot your messaging.

We strongly believe that your ability to show empathy during this time will determine how your customers engage with you during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they will remember you after this crisis is over. This is one of the most important things that you can be doing. If you want to build stronger relationships with your customers, be genuine in your desire to help them instead of just focusing on pushing your products or services. Messaging is about solving problems, and now that your customers’ problems have changed, so must your messaging. Take the time to review all of your marketing platforms, such as your website and social media, and ensure that your message is adapted to the current situation.


2. Update your online business information.

If you haven’t already, update your operating hours on Google My Business to let customers know whether you’re still operating and if so, at what capacity. Review your own website and update your hours there too. Lastly, check your listing pages on directory websites such as Yelp and Tripadvisor to ensure that your potential customers have accurate, real-time information about your business.


3. Communicate using social media and email.

Post regularly on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to advise your customers of the measures that you’re taking regarding COVID-19. Social media platforms are one of the first places that people go to for information on a business’s status. Make sure to also send out emails to your existing customer base with more detailed updates.

A great tool for creating social media graphics and posts is Canva. There are thousands of completely free templates on Canva that you can use to make announcements, updates or even unique content on your social media channels. The templates are highly customizable so you can change everything from colours to fonts to match your brand.

Here some free Canva templates we’ve found that you can customize to fit a variety of content:
Announcement Post
Call to Action Post
Work from Home List


4. Release a statement on your website.

Make sure to include communication about your company’s response to COVID-19 and the steps that you’re taking to ensure your staff and customers’ safety somewhere on your website. This could be a blog post, a message directly on your homepage or, a pop-up message. Wherever it is, make sure that it’s easy for website visitors to find.


5. Run online advertising campaigns.

Are your products and services still needed at this time? Even then, it’s likely that you may be getting less traffic and fewer customers through online search. Running online advertising campaigns allows you to reach qualified customers in geo-specific locations who are looking for your products and services.


If you’re already running online advertising campaigns, review your ads to make sure your messaging and call-to-action is relevant and sensible to the current situation.


Looking for Support?

We’re a digital growth marketing agency that’s committed to helping other businesses thrive during this difficult time. If you’re looking for a team of experts to help with any of these projects, take a look at our digital packages designed for small business owners and local service providers! If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 604 704 2432.


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