Digital Marketing Service Packages for Small Businesses

We’ve got big news! Digital Hot Sauce has launched an online digital marketing store where we’ve bottled up our spicy digital marketing services into project-based digital packages!

During these uncertain times, we know the importance of pivoting your operations, marketing strategies, and even your service offerings. Given the unpredictable times that we’re in, we’ve been focused on thinking of new strategies and tactics to help our clients grow during COVID-19. In that spirit, Hot Sauce is taking a leap in our own business by launching a new online store, offering digital marketing service packages designed to help small businesses grow their online presence.

The goal of our store is to provide our digital marketing services as a one-time, project-based offering for those who are looking to improve certain parts of their business, without the financial pressure of committing to a monthly partnership. We know that many small businesses aren’t in a position to allocate large budgets to marketing, so we’re taking the combined expertise of our digital marketing team and providing them to you in affordable, bite-sized chunks!

Here are just a few of the digital packages that we’re launching:

Local Citation Building
Build powerful, consistent citations in directory listings to improve your local rankings and boost your local authority.

Local Maps Optimization
Boost your local SEO by making sure your business shows up in searches on Google, Bing or Apple Maps.

Google My Business Tune-Up
Improve your presence in local search results with a complete and optimized Google My Business listing.

SEO Essentials
Optimize your web pages with relevant keywords to rank higher and earn more qualified traffic from Google.

SEO Health Check
Find out what might be preventing your website from ranking in Google and get prioritized recommendations so you can stand out in search engines.


You can check out all of our digital packages at! Of course, we’re still completely focused on the ongoing client partnerships which are at the core of our business, but our digital packages are a great way to add on specific services to help accelerate the growth of your business.

We’ll be continuing to add more services packages based on feedback, so please do reach out if there’s a project that you’ve been thinking about but don’t see on our store!

Scot Sustad
[email protected]