Marketing Collective for Professional Cleaners

Multiply your marketing impact and reach

Partner with business owners in other geographical locations to save on your marketing efforts.

Digital Hot Sauce has launched a “Cleaning Professionals Collective” where 5-20 cleaning business owners, in non-competing geographies, are placed in a group for the purpose of sharing resources, strategy and experience. This allows each business to maximize their results while minimizing their costs.

A Collective Provides Value in 4 Areas


Peer Group of Business Owners

With dedicated communication channels for members, give and receive support from peers in your industry.


Business Strategy & Resources

Share proven business models, growth tactics as well as connections in order to thrive as a collective.


Digital Marketing & Strategy Execution

Split the cost on marketing foundational work and get set up to launch campaigns to help accomplish your business objectives.


Accountability to Yourself & Others

All members bring value to the collective. We’ll hold each other accountable to bring your business forward.

“The more we engage with your team the more we feel we’ve truly struck gold. It really does involve a bit of the feeling of surreal since I’ve felt so resource depleted on this marketing front for so long.”

-Jim Hamp, Extravagant Yak 

“The Hot Sauce team truly understands my brand and the industry I’m operating in.”

-Kris Birch, Birch Tree Care 

Why A Marketing Collective Works

Old Marketing Model

1:1 Client marketing value = Hot Sauce expertise

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New Marketing Model

10:1 Client marketing value = Hot Sauce expertise

+ Experiences & knowledge of other clients in the same industry + Shared resources

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